I Angel Gabriël wish peace amongst people, and also love each other.

Gepubliceerd : 12-07-2016.

Here is Angel Gabriël with a message about equality.

This is meant for all governments, but especially those of the Netherlands and the United States of America.

The way the police are acting especially towards the black people that is not allowed and can not be, how they are acting is wrong and causing only more commotion.

There is going to come more discrimination and I have told this before: do not make a difference between black and white people, because everyone is equal, and does have the right for a good profession, otherwise it will go radical wrong in the world and that I  can not allow.

That is why I ask especially the government to take action about that.

All people do have the right to live a good life, the governments and the concerns do not have the permission to make a difference in color or the name who sounds different from the usual names.

If this is not happening , there can be a lot of poverty and later also a lot of criminality, there must come a and of difference between race, color of the skin, or your familyname.

That is why I am asking the government with urgent to hold a meeting, because this has to be under control, think about the children, not only the children but also at your fellowmen, there has been enough war and also enough dicrimination.

I Angel Gabriël will help the government by sending positive energy so that they can and will talk about the right subject, and after that, to take action, because everyone is equal and comes from the same love-source.

I already told this often, but I want that this time people will listen and make peace amongst each other, do not let things escalate  and listen to the young ones, wether they are white, black or do have a different color, they also want peace amongst each other, and do not make quarrel or make a fight.

Because I Angel Gabriël want to tell you all that God loves everyone and also that everyone is equal, and everyone does have the right on all there is that they are allowed to have.

Just talk, there is a lot to achieve, listen especially, put your ears wide open and do not put everything aside.

I Angel Gabriël do want this time very much that people will respont on this message and also what there reaction is on this message.

This was Angel Gabriël and I wish peace amongst the police, the politicy, the black and also the white people.