Stop the attacks, and think about the standards and values.

Gepubliceerd : 19-07-2016.

Dear people ,what has happen in Nice is terrible, we will send extra positive energy to the victims, families and to all the other people of Europe.
Many people have become scared and afraid, but take care! Fear attracks fear, the only thing to do is to send positive energy to the victims, so that all the people are getting the help from above and also special energies, so that they are able to bear all these terrible things.

But do not become afraid, because what Angel Gabriël just said: fear attracks fear but also negative energies, and pray for the people in Nice.

And I think that a lot of people are thinking: why is God allowing this all? But God is not allowing this, God has given everyone an own free will and also everyone is send to the positive, but there are people who do not want to take the positive energy which is send to them.
Everyone is getting help, and also now that a lot of people have so much sorrow about all the terrible things that happened, but I can say: once there will be peace, once there will be a time that it all stops, and that is why I want to say to all them who flew from the lands with war and commotion, and countries without peace: you all came to a land of which you think that it will be a good place to live, a land of which you will have a better life than before.

But I ask myself only, if you will adapt to the standards and values of the counrtry you are living now, ( or temporary ), because you do have your own standards and values, but also those of the land you are living ( temporary ), today, and keep on to that.

I have told you so often: there are different faiths, you live as moslims, another lives as a christian and another lives as a catholic, there are differences and we who are in another dimension agree with that, as long you handle everything in a positive way.

Not everyone can have the same faith, but once there will be one faith, it may take a while, but gradually everyone will have the same faith.
Not everyone who is living today will go trough this important changeover in this life, because it takes a while, – but the generations after you,- will live together with one faith, it will be much easier to live in peace with each other, and also there will not come a war about the faiths.

But once again: do have respect for your fellowmen with another faith, Allah, most of the people call him God, but you say Allah, and Allah how you name the man, only wants peace among the people, and that everyone lives as good as possible with each other.

That is the reason you all came on Earth, to have respect for each other, respect for mother nature, respect for the animals, and Allah is asking you all, (because I am Angel Gabriël the messenger , so I bring the messages from Allah to you), do have respect for people with another faith, every faith is positive.

More I do not ask as Angel Gabriël, but make and keep peace amongst each other and stop the killings.
Everyone has been given life, a life on Earth, behave yourselves, because the world is for everybody.
You borrowed the Earth to keep her as good and beatiful as possible, and that there will be peace and harmony on the Earth, that you all will live as brothers and sisters of each other, because you all came from the same Divine Source, that is where you all came from think good about that.

That is why I as Angel Gabriël say: dear people live in peace with each other and do not make everything so difficult for each other, but try to live as good as possible with each other, that is the only thing I ask.

God blesses you all.