Help from the Divine World for the people in München

Gepubliceerd : 25-07-2016.

Yes dear people, this is Angel Gabriël with a message, it is very sad what happened last friday in München, it is also very alarming especially because the victims fell true a teenager and also the victims are very young children, children of the future.

I do want to ask all the governments: if espessially the young ones which came from lands with war, these young ones are full of revence, full of what happened in the areas of which they came from.
These children do need special care, the people who are dealing with persons have to treat them very, very, carefully, talk with them, talk and ask about the things they where going true, there are also little children between them who did carry a riffle in the hand.

People have to be very careful with these young ones, things even if that appears to look little, can be things who do need attension, go to them and start talking with the persons, because if you do not, there can fall more victims.
In Europe there are young onces, young ones who do have problems.
People must not think easily, maybe it is not that important, no it is important, these children have got a traumatise shock.
Do watch these children very careful, even the ones who are much younger, these children deserve to be treated very careful, it can go on a long time very good, but one day there can and will come trouble in there minds, and I think that the people can not sint in money what care is concerned.
Allow these children a better live, these children are the children of the future, think about that, they will become older, and when they are old enough, and they did not get the attension which was needed, than they can become very, very, very problematic children, and who knows what can and will happen than.
If you do have a whole great generation of those children in one land , there can and will come very much problems, take good care of these children, give them the attention they need, and I also think that they ought to be watched very careful at school, but also in the asylum which are taking a lot of refugies.
Give more specialized people a job, people who did get the training which is nessesary to handle these problems, and who are also able to give the help these young ones need, but I warn you if they do not get the attension which is needed, that things easenly can get out of control.
I Angel Gabriël ask the parents, family, frends and girlfrends to hold a few moments of silence and to stand still, think about the victems who where shot last friday, and to give them all extra positive energy, so that they are able to bear the sorrow and grief, but also to think about all the German people in München who have gone true a traumatic time, all those people, and all those youngsters who where present by Mac-Donald and the mol, where was a lot of shooting, these people will get extra positive energy.
I will give you all by the way of the Divine Source positive energy as much as possible.

This was Angel Gabriël, and God/Allah is blessing you all.