A message from Angel Gabriël meant for the Turkish who are living in the Netherlands

Gepubliceerd : 06-08-2016

Here  again a message from Angel Gabriël  meant for the young ones and all the older Turkish people who are living in the Netherlands.

They all have to restrain themselves about  the things which are happening in Turkey.

I am able to imagion that you all are very concerned about the things which are going on in Turkey, but be aware that you are not influenced to much, because you are living in the Netherlands today and you have to deal with the standards and values of the land where you are living now, please let not get things out of control.

It is worse enough that there is so much war in the countries which are in the neighbourhood of Turkey.

I Angel Gabriel did send a message via Lucy on the website about standards and values, Netherland does not need to become a victim of your frustrations about the things which appeared in Turkey, keep quiet please  think about your neighbourhood, and do not destroy buildings, do not let things escalate, the only thing you can do is to pray for all the people in Turkey and also send positive energy, positive energy can and will touch the souls of the people who are thinking, handle, talking and doing wrong.

Please let there be peace around you all, and also think about the children, the little children, please do not use violence.

Allah did send me Angel Gabriël to the Earth, so I was able to give the message to you all.

Allah is very sad about the way you are acting at the moment, I am Angel Gabriel and I am  protecting you and I shall take care so you will become and stay quiet, rest and again rest, think about your own family here in the Netherlands, because when you are making much trouble, it also can get out of control, than things can go further to a civil war, and that is a thing that the Netherlands do not deserve.

The people in the Netherlands,(you all do have a lot of people you can name frends or who are your frends already), do not let those people live in fear by the way you are acting.

This message is coming from God who did send me Angel Gabriël to the Earth, there is a request from Allah to send you this so you are able to think about the things you are doing today, and do not let the Netherlands get involved by this.

Allah wants peace and quiet among the people on the Earth, this message is ment positive.

I Angel Gabriël ask you via Allah to keep quiet.

This was Angel Gabriël and God or Allah which is the same person gives you all his blessing.