People are our brothers and sisters.

People are our brothers and sisters.
Published on: 30-04-2019.

Here a message from Engel Gabriel from the Hereafter.

Dear people, why is there so much turmoil and hatred in the world? Because people feel unfairly treated because of things that have often happened in the distant past, or because they feel better and more important than others as members of one tribe or religion.

If you, as a Dutchman, were stuck in the past, we could no longer have a good relationship with Italy (Roman occupation), Spain (Philip II, Alva occupation), France (Napoleon), and also not with Germany (5 year occupation).

This was all in the past, we live in the now, and all go to the future, if you know where man comes from, you also know that research has shown that we as humans actually come from a small village community with 7 eva’s in Africa, and that from this small community we gradually started to populate the rest of the earth.

We have all been shown by scientific studies to be brothers and sisters, let us bear in mind the differences that are now there, and to regard and treat our fellow human beings as brothers and sisters, no separation, no difference, no relapse into the past, but live in the now and go for the common future without hatred and war.

This was Angel Gabriel and God blesses you.