Published on: 07-06-2019

Here an important message from Engel Gabriel from the Hereafter.

I am pleased that the postal lottery has taken the initiative with many volunteers to rid the beaches of Zandvoort of plastic and other waste.
That is a very big example and We in the Hereafter are very grateful to the lottery lottery and the volunteers, but now it comes: I Angel Gabriel wants to ask the governments of all countries and certainly those on the coast for their make a contribution to stopping plastic pollution.

They can do this by ensuring that there are sufficient and good waste bins on the beaches with a good lid, these must also be emptied on time, the packaging industry must ensure that environmentally friendly bags and bags are produced so that these can be broken down, governments will have to take the initiative to instruct the industry to produce differently and in an environmentally-friendly way, people must also bring their waste to the bins themselves and not let the waste blow away.

Fortunately, there are countries where it is all better regulated, but in many countries it can be done much better, waste is often simply thrown on a belt, causing it to blow away and ending up in the environment, and there are countries that have dirt and plastic in the rivers dumping because there is no proper waste processing nor good transport with all its consequences.

There could be a kind of fund where the rich countries donate money to financially support the poor countries with regard to waste processing, so that they are able to properly process waste in a good waste processor.

In short, people will have to become more environmentally aware themselves and countries need to help each other if they don’t have the means, prevention is much better than cure.

People you are all responsible for the earth and the environment, the earth must be and remain clean for the sake of the earth, nature, animals, and also for the people and of course also for your own descendants.

This was Engel Gabriel with an important message from the Hereafter about the environment, and God blesses you.