Published on: 13-06-2019

Dear people Hier Engel Gabriël with a message from the Hereafter.

It must be my heart that there are still accidents on the road caused by flight cars, people who are fleeing around the world, but I also want to give a warning that people with cell phones and smartphones are also behind the wheel .

It is life-threatening, life-threatening to be involved with this, and also people who are fleeing with a car: life-threatening, fatal accidents can occur or serious injuries occur.

So I Engel Gabriel warns people all over the world, leave your phone on even when a call is made, leave that message, get out of the way and read the message, or listen to it but never drive on the road, make calls or app, I say again dangerously.

In the meantime, fewer accidents must occur on the road, because I am very sorry for the family and their descendants.

This was Angel Gabriel and God blesses you.