Published: 04-04-2021


Here a message from God sent to Angel Gabriel and brought to Lucy Nesse.

Dear people, Angel Gabriel here with a disturbing and also angry message about the current way of farming and livestock farming with all its consequences.

There are currently large areas in the Netherlands where hardly any birds can be heard or seen, and why is that?

This has to do, among other things, with the way in which agriculture is conducted, so that there are hardly any insects left on which the birds largely have to live.

• There are far too large and heavy agricultural machines that compact the soil completely and prevent worm from getting through to keep the soil open.

• A lot of fertilizer is used to increase production as much as possible.

• A lot of poison is used and a lot of manure is injected into the soil, so that there is no longer any soil life and the plants have become addicted to coastal manure, as it were. Monoculture is also disastrous for a healthy soil life.

So there is no more food for the birds to live on, and they also have no access to the minerals to ensure that their eggshells become hard enough to support the weight of the bird.

• What is also bad for the birds are the many cats that go prey at night and cause a real slaughter of birds and small mammals and reptiles.

• The meadow birds such as the black-tailed godwit and the lapwing do not get any rest because of the frequent mowing and the young on the nest are eaten by the cats.

• In this corona pandemic, the rest that the birds need during the breeding season is also disrupted by the people, children and dogs who go off the paths and cause the birds to leave their nest, with all consequences for the eggs or young birds of serve.

In short, the way nature as a whole is currently being handled is simply not good for the survival of a healthy bird population, with the result that in some areas there are hardly any birds present.

The Divine World is very angry and sad about this and it should change in the short term, because the way the total nature is now treated without respect may and absolutely cannot last.

You should be ashamed of how you treat the animals, you just came to earth to take care of nature, animals and people in the right way, right now you are ruining everything, and God is not happy about that .

God regularly looks at the world with evil eyes.

This is an important message from the Divine World and God bless you.

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